AM/FM/GIS Services

In today''s dynamic world, instant access to information is the key to effective decision making. Industry and government are accomplishing this through Automated Mapping/Facilities Management (AM/FM) and Geographic Information Systems (GIS).


ASTRUM LLC offers AM/FM/GIS services to various utility companies covering the areas of gas distribution, telecommunications, electric transmission, transportation, public works and corridor routing. Our highly trained professionals have the strength to blend the high end technologies of digital mapping from variety of sources including satellite images, aerial photographs, existing maps leading to GIS database creation. We are capable of delivering services that non-GIS experts can access, understand and appreciate. During the project development cycle — from initial planning to full implementation — ASTRUM team adheres to strict quality parameters.

ASTRUM LLC understands its customer requirements by conducting comprehensive user needs analysis.

ASTRUM can implement data conversion, spatial data processing, GIS database creation, analysis and modeling. ASTRUM also provides turnkey AM/FM/GIS systems where an implementation plan leads to system selection. Once the system has been selected, our team can assemble, network, and test all of the necessary components. This includes software and hardware, required digital maps, database and focused training. The product can be delivered as a “turnkey” and is readily deployable.

The core areas in which ASTRUM provides services are:

  • GIS Database content, design specification and implementation
  • Data conversion leading to Landbase and cadastral database creation from existing maps and spatial data involving data acquisition, data capture, map scanning and digitization.
  • Cross platform migration of legacy geospatial data and maintenance by applying synergy between the software development experts and GIS specialists. We are capable of giving start to finish migration projects.
  • Synchronization with the existing databases.
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